“Mrs. Vande Ven is a wonderful teacher for school age children. She has the charisma, enthusiasm, and special skill to engage her students and gain their interest during her lessons. Also, I have seen rapid progress in our children’s learning since we started lessons with her.”

“Being a part of Kaitlyn's piano studio has reignited my passion for music. She has a method to her music selections that keep you progressing in your skill level while still allowing you to learn music in your preferred style. Kaitlyn's talent on the piano is undeniable and she is able to adapt her teaching style to fit your needs. She has definitely helped me achieve my piano goals through steady encouragement and patience as well as driven me to strive for more. I can't thank Kaitlyn enough for taking me on as a student in her studio!”

“I would just like to say my daughter Emma has been taking piano lessons with Katie for about 4 months now. Katie is full of energy and positive when teaching piano to Emma. When she corrects or thinks something needs improvement she does it in a very positive way. Emma has been very happy with her transition from her old piano teacher to Katie. They both teach very differently but Katie has made it a great transition for Emma. I would highly recommend her to teach your child piano!”